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  • What type of wax do you use in your candles?
    At Millcraft Farms, we are committed to providing the highest quality and safest products for our customers. That's why we exclusively use 100% soy wax in our candles. This natural wax is derived from vegetable soybeans, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. We do not use any wax blends or paraffin in our candles. Paraffin, derived from petroleum, has been found to contain carcinogens, so by choosing soy wax, we ensure that our candles are free from harmful substances. Our dedication to using soy wax reflects our commitment to offering environmentally-friendly and health-conscious products.
  • Are our fragrance oils safe?
    Yes! Millcraft Farms uses some of the purest fragrances on the market. Our fragrance oils are free from. Carcinogens Mutagens Reproductive toxins Organ Toxins Acute Toxins
  • Why does it take longer for Millcraft Farms candles to fill the room with fragrance compared to other candles?
    At Millcraft Farms, we take pride in creating all-natural candles without the use of chemicals to push the scent out. This means that it may take a little longer for the fragrance to fully fill the room. However, once your candle reaches a full melt pool, the pure aroma is there to stay. Our commitment to being all-natural allows you to enjoy a strong, long-lasting fragrance without any artificial additives.
  • How should I properly trim the wick of my Millcraft Farms candle?
    To properly trim the wick of your Millcraft Farms candle, it is important to trim the mushrooming off of the end of your wick with wick trimmers or scissors before every burn. However, it is crucial to only trim what is needed and never trim it less than 1/4 inch. If your wick is trimmed too short, this can cause low scent throw, a low flame, and an extremely slow burning. By following these trimming guidelines, you can ensure a better candle-burning experience, allowing for optimal scent distribution and a consistent, reliable flame.
  • What type of wicks do Millcraft Farms' candles use?
    At Millcraft Farms, we only use cotton wicks in our candles. Cotton wicks allow our candles to burn clean and long, without producing harmful vapors. We do not use lead wicks, as they are full of lead and can release toxic vapors into the air when burned, which can be harmful when inhaled. By using cotton wicks, we prioritize the health and safety of our customers, ensuring a clean and enjoyable burning experience with our candles.
  • What makes Millcraft Farms' candles and room sprays unique compared to other brands?
    At Millcraft Farms, we take pride in handcrafting our candles, room sprays, wax melts, and car diffusers using only the highest quality, ethically sourced materials. Our candles are made from 100% soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax. We also use premium essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils to create fragrances that are both luxurious and safe for the environment. Our room sprays are designed to instantly refresh any space with our signature scents, while our wax melts and car diffusers offer a convenient and long-lasting way to enjoy our unique aromas. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and a truly unforgettable sensory experience.
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